Best Casinos In Goa | Goa Casino Packages | Must Visit Casinos In Goa

So, are you a big casino freak? Do you frequently visits casino or you plan your next trip to Goa? Then all people out here in this video? I will just all in my stake to explain you everything about top casinos in Goa guys.

This is ABHI. Welcome! You to MR.ABHI the animated traveler and let’s get it started, so our Canadian casinos list needs to be start with the best, and here it is Deltin Royale. This is the ship based casino situated in Mandovi River Panjim. It has over 40,000 square foot area with three levels of unlimited entertainment and 850 plus gaming positions. So a lot to offer right now.

Let’S talk about the entry charges and services, you will get guys. Regular package starts with INR, 3000 and 4000 for weekdays and weekends respectively. This includes one template chips worth of INR.2000 for weekdays and INR.3000 for weekends. So you can try your luck to get your entry done free. Also, there is unlimited house brand drinks and buffet dinner as well. So next is the premium package which cost INR 4500 and 5500 for weekdays and weekends respectively.

There is also OTP chips here, but you also have the access to their premium drinks and premium lounge bar also. Now this one is only for the VIP. Maybe you are, I don’t know, but this package is the costliest in entire goa’s, all casinos. It will cost you INR 8000.

Here you will get all 8,000 OTP chips, but the big advantage is, you will get the access to their third floors VIP gaming zone. So if you like to spend some big bucks, try VIP my buoy beside this. There is ladies special package, which cost INR 1000 less than all the above packages, and if you have child’s, you can take them by paying around 1000 Indian bucks and they will take care of them. Imagine your kid getting into the play house of India’s biggest casinos cool. So next comes casino from the same Delton group.

It’S a Deltin Jaqk. Now this also is a ship based casino, but due to smaller in size, it has 350 plus gamer positions located in the same river near to dealt in rural. All the packages are same, but due to smaller in size, this one have INR 1000. Less than all the same packages of that dealt in Royal, but it’s worth the visit guys now, a good tip to save INR 1000 is, if you are going in the couple, take the separate entry and you can save INR 1000 per lucky lady cool right.

So next comes, the famous casino pride is situated in the same Mandovi River and it’s also a ship based Casino. They also introduced their second ship casino pride 2 recently, so you can have access to both. Now here you won’t find a lot of variations in the package and it’s also cheaper than Deltin rates are INR, 1500 and 2000 for weekdays and weekends respectively. You will get OTP chips of 500 and 1000 INR in two packages and yes, there is unlimited drinks and dinner as well. Also, there are no extra charges for kids and live entertainment they provide. So you can enjoy your evening in the tight budget at casino pride.

1 & 2, now there is not. Everyone wants a large ship casinos, so for all that, people here is casino strike by Grand Hyatt. It’S situated in grand hyatt resort itself, so no ships here, but it has really some great ambiance for your enjoyment.

Now we, it has different packages, options for you. Regular starts with INR 1500 for weekdays and INR 2000 for weekends, but you will get 100 % OTP chips on both this package. With unlimited house brand drinks, premium package costs INR 3000 again 100 % OTP chips, but you will get access all premium drinks. So if you are VAT, 69 or Smirnoff lover than go to premium, my buoy now here is just a simple list of all non ship.

Casinos, which not need to be explained in detail and also are smaller in size first is Chances Casino located in chances resort Dona Paula, its North Goa area entry will be around INR 1000 to 2000, depending on the which day you will visit. Now. Second, is casino palms located in LA Cylpso, Hotel, North Goa, again smaller in size, an entry charge around INR, 1000 last for the day is casino paradise. It’S located in neo, Majestic Hotel Panjim entry charges are around INR 1000 for all days. Now guys welcome back to my home Here, I am listing you to all the casinos we just visited pause the video capture screenshot and when you next visit to Goa, take your luck on and for taking all money you want here is the awesome, Swiss military traveler Bag, you need to buy now check the link in the description below now. My words guys, if you really enjoyed this casino tour, please help me to get 50 likes and 50.

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