Hanson And Stapes RETURN! Poker Night in America

From Choctaw Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, this is poker night in America Welcome to poker night in America I’m Chris Hanson alongside Joe Stapleton and before we get too deep into the show we have a very Exciting announcement to make the very first winner of our grand prize on the poker night in America app has been chosen That’s right, Chris some lucky poker night fan Just won an all-expense-paid trip to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida to appear at our table and play against the pros on national television and at the end of the show today We will reveal the name of that lucky winner Now let me further adieu. Let’s get to the table. It’s set up this time in Durant, Oklahoma and Choctaw Resort Can’t believe they let your son Bart Hanson back on the show Chris what? Your son Bart Hanson. It’s not my son. We’re like the same age Wow babies are literally having babies these days said All right, so blinds starting out at 25, and 50 you have that kind of voice.

Thank you I studied broadcasting school mates calls University of Miami Going to Syracuse for the same thing. Oh, it’s a great school for broadcasting Yeah That’s where my brother Todd went and he broadcast for the race and – you went – no – didn’t you went through new house new house Ross raisin – 425 on the button with Kings It’s a great spot here because everyone’s gonna think he’s just trying to steal Do you do any broadcasting here, yeah actually One of these Sounds awesome I hate to use a cliche, but wow things escalated quickly How many years did your father do policemen for the Phillies for over 30 seasons See the guy whose voice was on the inside NFL. Yes, Eric Alex. Yeah, okay?

So I thought think I was in Philadelphia, I love that guy’s way I rub listen to his voice, I’m HP. Oh that’s awesome, yeah I can’t remember if Kyle bow car is nice to me online or not so I can’t really say what I hope happens here actually grew up a for Big Joe, Montana fan, so I I grew up Here for the forty nine it but once I had kids. I start sharing for the Bears because I live in Chicago. I’m from Boston Maybe you give your hat Here comes Little action here and a hand too. We’re playing some poker already good, so here we go We’ve got eighty seven hundred preflop aces versus kings somehow. It did not go all in the middle yet I’m sure it will momentarily just be patience tapes Both these players with pretty big stacks to get the hand started Sorry Call Yuck well we know one King has been folded, so it’s not looking good for Ross incredible Wow Diamonds are no help Your ought to give you just a twenty thousand dollar waiting for Kyle bow her he hasn’t he covered so This is always the most exciting part of poker at the counting Kickoff the telecast Be in the preview And queens for King Callas Chris’s 2017 they’re known as lady kings Alright it was a crazy game of bow her he’s in there with Jack for suited.

Well. It doesn’t matter now He’s playing with Ross’s money so at this point you might as well call Mates gets involved with eight 10 off suit. Flop is Jack for deuce Everything is coming up online poker games canada. What a flop for Jack for 275 two pair for him and a really juicy looking board for pocket queens Jack.

Hi Are we sure the name isn’t Bowser because he is gonna be tough to beat Six of diamonds on the turn Really awful spot for cane callous and his Queens Absolutely nothing out there to indicate that he is losing Valkyr happy to just keep on rolling. Oh man somebody made it to the end of level eight with the fireball I guess Poker is just the worst sometimes How do you catch a queen there well well done came Calais Cool 2100 is the bet and a call from bunker. Oh you got to be kidding me I would have got so cooler daddy Queen deuce of diamonds he gets cool Those coolers are terrible huh, it’s miserable right you don’t seem to be complaining very much Chris while we’ve got Kyle backer at the table have you heard of Valkyrie does that like ghosting it’s even worse even worse Yeah, it’s when you’ve got the goods, but you’re emotionally unavailable Poker night is brought to you by sit and go 2.0. Go to sit and go to Oh Dotnet and claim your free sit and go 2.0. Strategy ebook Kings are going around like a hockey pregame at the Staples Center So three players will go to the flop.

I like the ace this time. Call me crazy crazy Jack five eight is the flop My snow is lost three because we like to play hands, and they like to wait for Asus yeah, they know I Was wrong about ace ten that got out of there Seven hundred is the bet from Lord jury Seventeen out of every 100 times Jack ten is gonna. Catch up, but it seems like it should be less You know raised to fifteen hundred from Baker. I know a lot of the time if you have Jack ten You’d be thinking I have a pair. I can’t fold top pair for just one more bet There aren’t a lot of Bluffs and semi loves David can have here Lord jury is gonna be behind a lot on o In 2900 I Don’t believe you hey You got it probably own hands if I have like ten eight of clubs or some garbage like this. Can you beat 1080?

Can you beat ten eight? Maybe think to myself that I’m winning right now Oh here haven’t 10 Jack. You don’t believe he who don’t believe pays off ODB So David Baker is gonna double up Thanks Fifty thousand yeah, but no amount to go to prison for a second I know Did you see that the beginning of structuring he sort of looks like that dude this gets killed by the sisters Rushing when the guys come in and Andy survives, but the other dude doesn’t that’s the other dude I’ll take obscure movie references for 300 Alex.

It’s not obscure it’s on TV and T like every day Get busy raisin, I’ll get busy folding Bart Hansen with aces makes it 300 you gotta build a path for personal. Can you pass? Like protecting all the time and pay prison Yeah, I mean, that’s true like if you’re not appealing I Got a new idea Sure, you just pay for protection on the inside We could definitely do it. We’re all the red cards at Ross flops the flush But Hanson has the nut flush draw I had a friend he was Six seven african-american big huge guy.

He told me state prison was the worst thing I he was there for two years instead. It was the worst thing ever egos turns out prison isn’t fun, huh That’s why I said was probably no number for me. If that guys like what am I gonna do I? Got the gift of making people laugh, though How does that sound drink something on My cross Raising with his main flush so obviously parts thing about raising or calling on the one hand he’s got the ACE blocker so he knows Ross can’t have a nut flush draw on the other hand this is a super draw heavy board So it’s entirely possible Ross will have something he will think it’s worth sticking around for if Chris Hanson son Bart Hanson should decide to raise Dude, can you see that he and I are like we’re the same age Look, I don’t judge You don’t see age and three on the turn Check more importantly a three on the turn Have you had a great meal out here done? Ross leading now And Bart’s probably gonna have to just call He’s got a good hand but he probably doesn’t want to get it all in at this point So Bart not my brother Hansen does call.

I know he’s not your brother. He’s your son Bart and I are not related. Just cuz we share the same last name.

I’m gonna need a birth certificate Jack so Bart checks I’m guessing he really would love a check behind here Mm-hmm, but he ain’t gonna get it Nice and bar folds nice lay down little these chips those. Chips are worth money really excited everybody noticed that Mike won a pot Queens oh Pardon lady kings there you go for real for Bart Hansen, so he goes from aces to Queens obviously downgrading Yes, we gots all that either to us, oh You can say hello my goodness Queens Kings Kings aces is more paint in this deck than on Jackson Pollock’s floors witnessed talking we get to play I’ll get him in this game you what I’m getting online you ever see that guy play. That’s why he’s in the booth Back and forth we go here preflop with Kyle Bunker and Bart Hansen Owen, no you do not move all in on Chris Hanson’s own flesh and blood. We’re not related no flesh no blood All right We got a call from Bart Hanson Are you gonna be okay here in the booth watching your son go through this I would imagine that your instinct would be to go Down there and help him and some oh and a king Boy spades put a spade for a sweat for the television Hanson bricks out and bugger just scoops up another $20,000 pot you’re right gonna have to bring out that extra table support to put underneath his chips if this gets any worse Than everyone else at the hands one do you live in a hamper? Chips Didn’t peg cowbow curse a Hamptons kind of guy little known fact How bout curl is on the same street as other gregarious Hampton socialites Daniel jungle man kids and Isaac Haxton? Welcome back to Durant, Oklahoma home of southeastern, Oklahoma State University shout out to Brett Butler and Dennis Rodman Throw on the stronger part Hanson straddling raisin blind to 100 Mike Ross pumps it up with Jack 10 I’m not gonna say that Kyle bunkers having a nice night on poker night in America but stapes He’s already working on level three of his chip stack.

It doesn’t look real Well gave me like him the best what games you like me ooh, no Parcheesi I don’t I’m not a big fan of This football games split pot games are the worst my kids love chutes and ladders. It is the worst game ever invented Ross calls to the flop and study Yeah, whoo, that is unfortunate come on bow Curt just stop Ross has got top pair Good kicker case 10 gross Right four and forth plenty enough on the small that round. Yeah, I think that’s actually 800 the bet quick call from Ross look at the way backers playing this though at your sets you got to build a pot What’s that the answer your coach you never like the owners?

I asked if he never likes the fold board gets a little straighter here on the term But it’s still not gonna look super dangerous to Ross Excuse me straight here. Just Rainier three four five With 1,800 the bed from bow Kieran the turn with nines and the hole Just because he didn’t believe the answer, but eta was all in on this side And you can’t blame Ross for call calling. It was crazy He lost all his chips in one can but it was like a boat now for bunker on the river This is an absolute slam-dunk value bet time time time what excuse me 10,500 that’s right 10,500 over betting the pot Love a super polarizing bet here makes your opponent think you’re trying to scare them out There’s only one for the camera the TV show 100-pound Bogger has been dominating this table so far here tonight in Choctaw So Mike Ross has gotta be thinking he can’t have it every time Sometimes they can’t have it every time Good fold all buckers third level is about to get even bigger time to add in the in-law apartment Yeah, my cross chasing is lost with a straddle this hand anyway like you have Destin Queens more than you have anything that beats in Queen Jack and the small blind or Bart Hanson Chris. Why didn’t you name him Chris jr.? I feel like the more I itch at this the more. It’s gonna get worse, so I don’t answer oh It’s not my son.

He’s not my brother. We’re not related at all. It’s true But King calles is getting in the middle here. He is raising with a seven of diamonds So Tempting to call if you’re Bart Hansen, they’re connected they’re suited their paint, and there’s so many ways to get yourself committed on the flop Attaboy Bart, it’s like he’ll do anything to win Chris’s approval. Yeah Plop is 10-3 king Wouldn’t shock me at all. Here’s a nice and committing flop just like I was talking about Answers got the straight draw Calais has the flush draw I’m all for Calais keeping up the aggression here sometimes you win it right away with a Continuation bet sometimes you get called and nine of diamonds peels off and you felt Barton He has to move back in with his dad Chris Hanson Every day is a puzzle 1,075 the bet from Calais So what’s like the worst thing Bart ever did growing up.

Did he get good grades was there? Is there a funny anecdote or why don’t you ask him when we’re done today? I will I?

Wouldn’t know I think he grew up in the East Coast I’m from the Midwest like wow you didn’t even you weren’t even present in your son’s life I Don’t see by the way how you can call it Queen Jack Souter than fold when you flop up and downs so Don’t really see Bart folding here Now I agree, that’s why you play hands like Queen Jack is could you want to flop drawers? You also want to make them, and it’s the making them. That’s key Bart is all in attaboy oh No no no don’t don’t use that against me, I meant like I had a boy like good job Bart Not like I’m proud of you because you’re my flesh and I don’t buy it All right turn is a jack and now Hanson is ahead And the river is a nine so Bart Hanson is gonna win this and it’s gonna be a double up for Bart King Calais not impressed Well that’s gonna do it for this evening here at Choctaw, but first Let’s take a look at our chip counts after our first sesh thirty five thousand six hundred dollars was redistributed on tonight’s show and cattle bunker holds 97 percent of that as profit Shawn mates one himself nine twenty five and the rest of the table is deeper in the red paint and Dennis Rodman yes Six sports reference I did it Now if you want more poker night you can find us on social media including twitch and YouTube where you can find full episodes live streams and exclusive content also Don’t forget to download our free Poker app you and your friends can have your very own poker night as well as a chance to win a seat in our show Search for us in your App Store and downloaded today for everyone here at poker night in America.

I’m Chris Hanson He’s Joe Stapleton and thanks for watching Poker night in America is brought to you by Kemosabe mezcal and sit and go 2.0